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Our history

China Economic Weekly is the present domestic economical weekly magazine, which is I the onIy one under PeopIe's Daily News Group managing and sponsoring. The previous name is China Economic News which was sponsored by PeopIe's DaiIy Overseas Version from 1992-1993 and 1999-2002. ln 2002, the magazine corrected, expanded and issued the new journal. It was published domestically by National Press and PubIications Administration and People's Daily in January 2004.

ISSN 1672-7150

CSSN CN11-5196/F

The post office subscription code: 2-977

The Post Office subscription Code Abroad: W5372

China Economic WeekIy is the corporation and in charge of edit and publish magazine which has the right of issue and advertisement operation.

Our orientation

We provide the useful information to the central committee, district and enterprise's Ieadership.

Our mission

We are observers of Chinese present economy situation, the positive promoters of the transformation of Chinese economy, and the historicaI witness of the Chinese economy's revival.

Our status

China Economic Weekly is the important central news agency which determined by the Department of the State CounciI. It is the top five medium in Chinese financial press and aIso is the first brand magazine in People's Daily Group. In the past, we were the China's earliest economic weekIy; Now we are the China's only economicaI weekIy; Tomorrow we will be the China's best economicaI weekly.

Our target reader

Our core reader groups are the city and enterprise's leaders and the decision-makers. The general-comprehension reader groups are the age between 25-55 years old, which at least got bachelor degree, have vice department officer or vice manager status. They mostly have influence and purchasing power; they are China's "four high leveI " (high position, high degree, high income, high consumption) ; they have the most social resources and wealth: they may control China's economical reality and they concern about the destiny of China's economy.

Our content

Our reports represent the system economy as the core macroscopic economy, from the urban economy to the enterprise economy and take the finance as the core unit.

0ur team

We depend on Peopre's Daily's strong professional team with hundreds of correspondents at local and abroad. In addition, our magazine have forty people in headquarters and the nearly one hundred employees from the liaisons around the country greatly enhance our strength.

Our influence

Since 2004, many reports have drew attentions and received good comments from the Leading Group of the Central Committee and the Central Departments. Every issue is reprinted by the national and oversea medium and each reprint rate online reach over 90% and the repeat online is over 80%. According to Google, the rate reprint online of China Economic Weekly has reached over 6,000,000 and belong to the top financial medium in China.




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Address:No.2 JinTaiXiLu Chaoyang District,Beijing,China

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