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Frank is amazing.

Frank is amazing. He knows what he is talking about, being a world-class athlete himself. He tailored my workout to what I could accomplish...with a stretch. I look forward to being challenged in coming months. Barbara T.

George W

I hired an outstanding coach to help me with my Half-Iron race this year.  His name is Frank Adornato. Without his help I don't think I would have finished. He is an awesome coach and a great competitor himself.

Kathy W

Since working out with Frank, I have strengthened my core, changed my posture, and my lower back pain has improved immensely!!


Frank, I am so impressed with your blog that I would like to be included in your mailing list. Many thanks.


I hired an outstanding coach to help me with my Half-Iron race this year.  His name is Frank Adornato. Without his help I don't think I would have finished. He is an awesome coach and a great competitor himself.

Mike M.

Frank, I tried the exercises you gave me and I must say, I was a bit surprised as to how fast they seemed to work. You are a magic man. I will keep them up daily.

Lenore Imhof, Cyclist and Triathlete

And a special thank you to Frank, the IM guru and Tri coach for his crucial advice that got me to the finish line.

Caroline Survill, ODU Women’s Soccer

Frank, I just wanted to thank you for your advice regarding my running technique.  My soccer off-season involves a lot of running, and my back was bothering me, as you know. Your evaluation was spot on, and using your advice not only corrected my running posture, but I feel like I'm running faster as well. So thank you very much for the help, and if I ever have other issues, I know who I can count on!!

Lynn Tardif

As a hopeful first time marathoner, I asked Frank to prepare me a training program. Frank assessed my fitness and running history upon which he built a personalized training program to prepare me for the Philadelphia Marathon. I proudly finished my first marathon in less than 4 hours! What did I most appreciate from my training program? It was tailored to allow for my regular swimming and weight training as cross-training.  The dates and length of time for my weekly long runs were specific which helped schedule for them and find time.  The uphill and speed work varied the running program making it more interesting. Frank was also available to answer questions and inquire on my performance. As a newcomer to marathon training, I really appreciated Frank’s availability to answer questions regarding heart rate monitor use, level of effort, and what to expect at mile 22!

Mitchell Wolff

I researched extensively the various coaches and programs that were available to athletes wanting to experience physical competition – be it Triathlon or running in a race. I have been training under Frank Adornato since 1998. Frank’s TRI-IT-ALL training programs have all been tailored to my individual fitness level and race goals, progressing in volume and intensity as my fitness level improved. They have given me the tools I needed to achieve all of my racing goals, initially at the shorter distance triathlons and later at the longer and now Ironman distances. Frank is always available for discussion or to answer questions about my workout sessions. He has always expressed true interest and concern in my fitness, health, performance improvements and race goals. Finally for me, he has been a tremendous motivator. In sum, if someone were to ask me: Knowing what I do now about TRI-IT-ALL and Frank Adornato’s program, would I do it all over again? The answer is a definite Yes.

Donna O’Connor

I just wanted to send a special thank you to you for being there for me through my training and especially on race day. I couldn’t have done it without you. Because of you “I am an IRONMAN”

Dr. Ed Sargent

Frank, thank you for working up an interval training program for me. I wanted to let you know that I appear to have made some progress already after only several sessions over the last month. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, loaded with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, I ran a 37:55 for 5 miles. This was a personal best for the course.

Warren Hollinger

I really think your Training schedules had a great impact on accelerating my conditioning and enabling me to accomplish the goal of getting into Ironman Kona. IÕm looking forward to your next 18 weeks of TCs that will teach my body to take on the whole Ironman distance. Thanks again for all your valuable help and feedback.

Robert Dunne

As always the training was the hardest part. Much gratitude is owed to Frank Adornato whose services as coach (Tri-It-All), I purchased for a modest sum for the short term training to get me ready. It was worth his fee and I highly recommend him for such coaching, counseling, and motivational work if you need to get ready in less than 4 months and have to travel a great deal as I do.

Irene Ayers

I did the Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon two weeks ago and was able to sprint the last 1/2 mile of the run and it’s Frank’s coaching that taught me how to do that.

Mike Marchev

I can’t tell you how pleased I am having completed my first Ironman competition this past fall. And you, my friend, have much to take credit for. In addition to providing me with the training schedule that proved to be effective and “workable”, given my schedule, your steady support was what I believe, put me and kept in the proper frame of mind. You have a special gift. Although I expected it at times, you never came across as a hard-nosed coach, criticizing my mental lapses or challenging my commitment. Yet your steady prodding, phone calls and timely suggestions succeeded in forcing me to refocus on the seriousness of preparing properly for the challenge ahead. Every little training tip leading up to the sound of the starting pistol, including a full 3 week taper period, had me prepared both physically and mentally, to approach the staring line with confidence and trust in my abilities. Frank, I would not hesitate to refer your program and your coaching expertise to anyone, at any level, interested in marathon training, sprint triathlon conditioning or like me, to those who have a desire to reach Ironman status.

Warren Casey

As you know, I was very late to sign up for your training program for the Ironman which is scheduled for early fall. This is my initial Ironman attempt and I was apprehensive, to say the least, concerning starting a pretty rigorous training protocol to prepare me for the event. Not only did you address many of my apprehensions at our first meeting, but the training regimen that you designed for me has been easy to follow, not overly complicated, and able to be fit into my busy work schedule and family life, being the father of six children. I am mid-way through my training and have come actually to enjoy the daily training protocols as well as such easy access to my training coach.