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Ironman Hawaii. My Story: A Ten Year Dream. A Two Year Plan

This is my story about a ten-year dream to race in the Ironman Triathlon Championship in Kona Hawaii. It starts more than thirty years ago when I decided to race in a local triathlon. While it wasn’t the plan, that first race got me hooked, and triathlon became a lifestyle for me. As I raced through the years, the idea of competing in an Ironman distance triathlon took shape. What started as a dream developed into a two-year plan that took me to Kona Hawaii in October 1994. This book tracks my journey of training, racing and the overall preparations for that major milestone in my life. And this is more than a story. As you’ll read, it tells you my first-hand experiences with training and race successes as well as those things that didn’t go quite so well. If you are even a little curious about what it takes to prepare for an ironman triathlon, this book will give you detailed insight into the training and preparation needed.

Available in paperback and Kindle version versions –  $9.99 from



Can’t afford a coach or prefer to train at your own pace? Coach In A Binder may be just what you need. Coach In A Binder Training Programs are your alternative to having a personal coach. Whether you’re training for a marathon, a short or middle distance triathlon or an Ironman Triathlon, it’s the next best thing to having a coach. Coach In a Binder has been designed to tell you what to do week-by-week in all disciplines, plus there’s strength training, stretching, a race day fuel plan, pre-race taper, and race day itself. The format is easy to follow as you train through the weeks leading up to race day.

Coach In a Binder gives you everything but the finisher’s medal. You have to earn that yourself!

The art and science of physical training is dynamic. It has always been changing and advancing with new data. So too, these Coach In A Binder training books have been updated from the first printing to include new workouts and updated strength work.


All Coach In A Binder books
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Coach in a Binder Triathlon Training Program
Short and Middle Distance Races. Second Edition.

Paperback book sells for $29.95 from
Kindle version sells for $9.99







Coach in a Binder Ironman Training Program
Second Edition.

Paperback book sells for $39.95 from
Kindle version sells for $9.99







Coach in a Binder Marathon Training Program
Second Edition.

Paperback book sells for $29.95 from
Kindle version sells for $9.99






~ Other Training Titles ~





How To Train For Fitness And Competition. The Essential Handbook Of Triathlon Training And Racing [Kindle Edition]

Learn the proper biomechanics for swimming, running, and cycling. By learning to workout the correct way, you’ll be more efficient, faster, less prone to injury, and you’ll enjoy it more. Also read about effective workout plans, cross-training, and mental and physical race preparation. Know what to do day-by-day and step-by-step to have the best races of your life. And if you’re not interested in racing, this book will help you get the most out of your exercise routine.

The book sells for $8.95 on


How To Get in Shape in The Winter … And Stay in Shape Year Round. Make Exercise Part of Your Life [Kindle Edition]

This book contains basic, simple and helpful guidance for living a balanced lifestyle. Whether you are interested in general wellness or athletic competition, the information in this book will be useful to you.

For many of us, the winter months are “off-season” months. If you’re a competitive athlete, you don’t race much, if at all; there are very few races scheduled in most states because it’s too cold, and roads might be snowy and icy. Even if you don’t compete and you exercise just for fitness, these winter months can be difficult to stay in shape. Getting out of a warm bed to exercise while it’s still dark and cold outside can be daunting. Add on top of that the fact that we’re all celebrating one or more holidays and you have formula for losing fitness and getting out of shape.

This book will tell you what to do to get fit during the winter months and beyond, whether you’re an athlete or someone who works hard to get fit and stay in shape.

The  book sells for $5.95 on



How To Prepare For Your Best Race Ever – Physical, Mental, and Nutritional Do’s and Don’ts for the Pre-Race Weeks and Race Day
[Kindle Edition]

If you’re like a lot of athletes who compete, you train hard for weeks and months, and then as race day approaches, you’re not exactly sure what to do to be your best on the big day. Should you train more or less in the final weeks before the race? What should you eat? How do you build confidence? Whether you race in running events, cycling races, swim meets or triathlons, this book will tell you what to do in the weeks and days before your race, the hours leading up to race day, and race day itself. And it’s not just the physical pre-race taper. There are also the mental preparations and nutritional planning that can make or break a great performance. I’ve written this book to cover all of those aspects of race preparation. What you’ll find in here are the things you need to do, and the things you should avoid as you prepare yourself to “rock n roll” in peak condition on race day. This book is divided into three chapters or segments: Physical (The Pre-race Taper). Mental (Visualization and Confidence Building). Nutrition (Fueling Plan).

The book sells for $8.95 on



Gearing Up For A Better You … By Living A Balanced And Healthy Lifestyle [Kindle Edition]

The book describes simple steps to lose weight, become and stay healthy and be a more productive you. Learn the number one rule for weight control as well as the essential basic 3’s of healthy eating. Learn what’s in your food and know what you should be eating and how much to eat. Learn how to burn calories by adding some moderate exercise to your daily routine and what you can do to burn more calories even when you can’t exercise in the traditional sense. This book will show you lots of easy, small steps that will lead to big results.

The book sells for $8.95 on




How To Eat And Drink Right In Athletic Training And Racing. Fueling The Body And Mind.[Kindle Edition]

Learn the basics of healthy eating, plus what you should eat and drink when are exercise. Learn the simple rules for eating complex carbohydrates. Find out about glycogen in the body, and learn how and why you need to replenish your glycogen levels after exercise. Read about the “60 Minute Window” and how it will prevent fatigue after a grueling workout. And find out what you should eat and drink in the days before a race, during a long race and for recovery after the race. This book will tell you the foods you should eat and drink before, during, and after exercise to maintain your physical health, fitness, and competetive success.

The book sells for $8.95 on





Gearing up for a better you [soft cover]

I’ve been preaching this for years … eat right, get regular exercise and have a positive mental attitude and you’ll be a more productive person. It’s not just a matter of weight control and physical fitness. It’s a matter of becoming a better you.

Now it’s available in my new book, co-authored with my friend Mike Marchev. Gearing Up For A Better You By Living A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle. The book sells for $14.95. (+ $2.50 S & H).






Fitness and training tidbits [soft cover]

Do you want to get healthy and fit? Are you interested in race competition? Do you have questions about either or both? “Fitness And Training Tid-Bits” offers straight-forward information about everything you want to know about general fitness as well as athletic competition. Learn about…

  1. general exercise,
  2. healthy nutrition,
  3. proper technique in swimming, biking, and running,
  4. mental and physical race preparation,
  5. strength training,
  6. stretching,
  7. race and training recovery,
  8. what to do in the off-season, etc.

The book sells for $19.95. (+ $2.50 S & H).

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Gearing up for a better you and Fitness and training tidbits!
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