Swimming Tip: Stay within your body’s frame.


If you think about a boat moving smoothly through the water, the point of the bow slices the surface and water moves around the body of the boat and flows without a ripple. If you hang an object in the water off the side of the boat, it will cause a disturbance with the water’s flow, and the boat will no longer move smoothly and efficiently. The same applies to a swimmer. The head cuts through the surface and water flows around the swimmer’s body as it moves forward. In order to maintain smooth, efficient and fast movement, the swimmer needs to minimize having any other body parts stray outside of the body’s frame in the water.
The three areas to focus on in this regard are your head movement, the path of your arms during the pull, and your kick.
  • Keep your head steady especially during the entry, and picture it “slicing” though the water’s surface.
  • During the pull, keep your arms near your sides. Don’t let your hands and arms wander wide of your torso.
  • And minimize an open splay in your kick. Two things that will help here. First, think about your feet being in a large bucket and try to kick inside that imaginery bucket, and second, point your toes inward, sort of pigeon-toed. Both drills will close up the wide splay in your kick.
After adapting these three tips to your stroke, time a few 100 yd repeats in the pool. You’ll no doubt see an improvement. Try it.
Trin smart. Race fast.
Frank Adornato is a Certified Fitness Specialist. He has been training multi sport endurance athletes and people interested in health and fitness since 1995. He himself is a 5 time Ironman Triathlon finisher. Frank continues to train and compete. For more information on Fitness and Productivity please visit the contact page on this site.

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