Training Tip – Make your workout great

The restrictions that are currently in place to curb the spread of coronavirus have given all of us a lot of challenges. On the athletic front, motivation to stay in shape can be a big problem. Some people are hunkering down and doing very little exercise (not good!), while others are trying to maintain their fitness levels as best they can. Whether you’re planning to compete as soon as the race calendar re-opens or just trying to stay fit, keep in mind that exercise also strengthens your body’s immune system to keep you healthy and hopeful virus-free.
Here are several tips for a great workout. Whether it’s a swim, bike or run, follow these tips and you’ll have a great workout.
– Have a plan. What’s your goal for today’s workout? How much and how hard? Speed work, hills, long endurance effort, etc.?
– Have a light meal before and have enough water and sports drink to get you through to the end of the workout.
– Warm up with dynamic stretches or easy movements. Save the static stretches for the end of the workout. Do some arm swings, torso twists, leg swings, high knees, butt kicks. Get the blood flowing through your entire body.
– Focus on good technique starting during the warm up and throughout the workout.
– Train to extremes; don’t get stuck in the middle. Hard efforts should be at high end heart rates and easy efforts should be at a comfortable low heart rate.
– Cool down and stretch when you’re done. Static stretches are good.
– Have a recovery meal within 60 minutes of finishing and preferable sooner. Aim for several hundred calories with a ratio of 4:1 carbohydrates to protein.
Train smart. Race fast.
Frank Adornato is a Certified Fitness Specialist. He has been training multi sport endurance athletes and people interested in health and fitness since 1995. He himself is a 5 time Ironman Triathlon finisher. Frank continues to train and compete. For more information on Fitness and Productivity please visit the contact page on this site.

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