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Frank Adornato has been involved in athletics and fitness for more than 30 years. He began competing in the sport of triathlon in 1985, and has raced in over 100 triathlons of all distances. He is a 5-time IRONMAN including 2 finishes at the Hawaii IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. He has traveled throughout the United States and internationally to train and compete. Frank qualified for and raced with Team USA at the ITU Long Course Championship Triathlon in Sweden. He has also raced several “fresh start” marathons including NYC and  the Kona Marathon where he was age group champ M 55-59. Frank continues to train and compete, and often finishes among the top 3 in his age group.

His educational background includes a college certification as a Fitness Specialist, complementing a graduate degree in health science. Frank was an invited member of the Fitness Specialist Advisory Committee at Raritan Valley College, North Branch, New Jersey, and he was the Strength & Conditioning coach for the Somerset Valley YMCA swim teams.

Frank has written numerous articles on fitness, and he speaks to corporate marketing and R & D groups, and community groups on the subject of fitness and its positive impact on personal and corporate productivity. He is the co-author of the book “Gearing Up For A Better You… by Living a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle“, and has published his latest book entitled “Fitness And Training Tid-Bits“.

Frank’s clients include novice and experienced athletes, long and short distance endurance runners, cyclists, and triathletes; as well as people interested in getting healthy and staying  physically fit.

Frank’s training programs are personalized to each individual’s fitness level and goals. They include topics such as basic and advanced cardio training in swimming, biking and running as well as stretching, strength training, eating smart as a lifestyle, fuel plans for race day,  and physical & mental race preparation. Frank’s instruction includes pointers on proper form and technique as well as specific workouts in volume and intensity. He offers on-line consultation as well as personal one-on-one workouts.

Whether you are someone looking to lose a few pounds, shed some body fat and tone muscle; looking to complete your first race (be it a 5K run, cycling event, swim race, or  triathlon) or an experienced athlete looking for a podium award finish, Frank’s training programs will help you achieve your goal.

Our phone number is 908-595-9300, or email us via the contact page.




Becoming an Ironman

  • My Story

    When I started racing triathlons in 1985, triathletes were still a rarity, but still there were many times when in a conversation, someone would comment: “Do you do the real triathlons? You know, that Ironman thing I saw on TV last December?” I’d usually grin sheepishly because for me Ironman was a dream or a wish - something out of my reach. Then, in 1990, I attended a triathlon camp led by Dave Scott and after a while, I started doing longer races and a plan emerged. I decided I was going to do an Ironman!

    In 1991, I ran the New York City Marathon, and in 1992 I attended another Dave Scott Triathlon Clinic in Boston. There I asked Dave for his thoughts about my doing Ironman. I remember his 2 immediate questions. Have you run a marathon? (Yes!) Are you ready and able to put in the training time? (Ready ? Yes. Able? I hope so.) Well then, he said, it was a realistic goal for me. Hell. If Dave Scott said it, I guess it was true!

    On the drive home from Boston, my wife Judy and I talked the entire way about Ironman. Judy was 100% in support of my goal. She had always supported my racing, having come to cheer me on in virtually every race I ever did. Now we were going to do this one – the Ironman - together.

    Next we talked about timing. We were starting to plan to build a new house which would keep us busy until sometime in early 1993. So Ironman 1993 wasn’t realistic – but 1994 looked like a good year. And so the plan was set. A Half Ironman in the summer of 1993 and another marathon in fall. Both would allow me to continue to build my distance base and give me a reading on my mental and physical stamina at longer distances. Another important thing we did was to go to Kona and watch the 1993 race and learn. From these experiences, I learned things about myself that were crucially important to a successful Ironman – some good and some not so good. The plan for Ironman 1994 was still in place, but there was a lot of work yet to do.

    I trained like a zealot starting in the winter of 1994. I swam. I rode my bike. I ran. I stretched. I slept a lot! Entry into Hawaii was very different in the 1990’s and a little easier than it is today. I found out in April that got a Lottery entry into the Hawaiian Ironman.

    With family and friends waiting, I ran across the finish line into Judy’s arms. 14 hours 54 minutes. Not a great time, but I was an Ironman! And I’d do it again, and again, each time faster than the last time.

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